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Are you hiring new employees? Are you promoting from within? Are you the person responsible for making those difficult decisions? Whichever route you choose, make sure you know precisely who fits which role the best by using the Identity Compass Profiling System.

The basic idea of the app is that it gives you 10 precise questions you ask another person. The results displayed reveal the Thinking preferences of the other person.

Everyone has a different Model of the World, and it is this Model which helps determine the way someone behaves in their work environment, and this model is reflected in a person's thinking preferences.

With just ten trademarked questions you can detect some essential motivation and thinking patterns responsible for a person's behaviour, especially in a work environment. Regardless of how people answer, their unconscious patterns are revealed in the structure of the language they use.

As you pay attention to how they answer rather than what they say, you can more effectively determine what will trigger and maintain someone's motivation! With the Identity Compass system, you receive the results visually in a useful report, using text and graphics. This report offers an accurate impression of how the person prefers to think and behave.

We have spent a lot of time and effort in designing the questions to precisely reflect the person's thinking preferences. The interviewer is key to the accuracy and interpretation of the results, thus goes through an intensive training program to ensure uniformity of interpretations of our Profiling system. Naturally this iPhone-based interview is never as accurate and complete as a complete software-based interview with the Identity Compass. With this in mind, this iPhone app is not a substitute for a fully-trained Practitioner, therefore Identity Compass International is not responsible for the results of an iPhone-based interview. For licensed Consultants, there is an extended version available.

Finally, for Data Protection reasons, the results cannot be printed, stored or forwarded to a third party. Each profile is royalty free.

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