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Andrée James

Andrée James

Andrée has been a corporate trainer for well over a decade, working for organisations such as Sky City, IAG NZ Ltd, Progressive Enterprises and Repco NZ Ltd, specialising in customer service, sales, leadership, employment law and the training of trainers. She is considered a bit of a pro when it comes to implementing National Qualifications into organisations and ensuring the very best completion rates. 

She is a broadly skilled training professional proficient in needs analysis, research, and design and development of learning programmes for classroom or distance learning. She is a maniac administrator of process and dedicated to ensuring any and all training delivered has a measurable return. Andrée’s style of delivery has been described as very down to earth, practical and relevant.She is well known for bringing positive change to people’s lives both professionally and personally. Organisations that have worked with her know that they will get results ... and quickly.

P O Box 13423
Onehunga 1061
021 819 702

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